As a People Magazine writer, I have worked with Elizabeth Neff for more than a decade. Competent and professional, Elizabeth fundamentally understands what it takes to work with the media. She knows how to promote her clients in good times – and how to handle crisis situations in bad times. Elizabeth is very proactive; through her strategic relationships with the media, her clients have gotten more coverage than they ordinarily would have. In an industry where lies and exaggerations are a way of life, Elizabeth is honest and straightforward. The result: accurate, comprehensive, positive stories that are in the best interests of the media – and her clients.

Steve Helling

People Magazine

From reaching out with promotional opportunities to following through (and following up afterward), working with Elizabeth Neff is an exercise in all details being covered. So much is subject to change when an artist is promoting a project, yet Elizabeth makes it all seem as if it has been scripted. And, it’s all relayed with a friendliness and calm uncommon among the craziness of this business. (I’m coining the term “Neff-ervescence” as an apt description of Elizabeth’s disposition!) We look forward to continuing to work together!

Gary Trust

Billboard Associate Director of Charts/Radio

Elizabeth Neff and Buzz Entertainment provide all relevant entertainers need, encompassing digital media marketing, management, PR, and all around service and assistance! Elizabeth jumps into any and all projects with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm and has the people skills, knowledge, contacts, and resourcefulness to get the job done! Any performer or business in need of this kind of skill set and well roundness should definitely enlist Buzz Entertainment and Elizabeth Neff. She is someone you want on your team!

Debbie Gibson

Pop and Broadway Star

I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Neff on various projects over the last five years. She is one of the most down-to-earth, hard-working, and charismatic people that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across in my 17 years in entertainment. I consider her not only to be someone I can trust working with, but she is a great friend as well. She is always looking out for her clients best interest, and will advise them to make the best decisions for their careers always keeping focus on the long-term vision. I’ve had the luxury of working with many top PR reps, and “Liz” is by far my favorite.

– Jeff Timmons

Founder of multi-platinum, worldwide known vocal group 98 Degrees

Working in television for 15 years and especially as the Executive Producer for a national morning show for the last 9, I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of publicists/media relations professionals, but never one as efficient, diligent, savvy, connected and thoughtful as Elizabeth Neff. Elizabeth is a hard worker with a heart of gold. That means, she not only gets the JOB done (and done well,) but she CARES about EVERYONE involved, and that’s a rarity in this business. I can’t tell you how helpful and delightful it is to hammer out details of a guest appearance with someone who understands media, especially live broadcasts (pre-show conversations/talking point agreements, production value, coaching the client, getting them in place on time, script writing, etc.) Not only is that type of knowledge an asset, but I’ve actually had to turn down guests whose publicists just “didn’t get it.” So, finding and hiring the right one is of the upmost importance and could really make or break a client’s career. They just don’t come any better than Elizabeth Neff – professionally or personally! She’s not one of those slick, working stiffs you don’t want to deal with unless you absolutely have to… Elizabeth is a beautiful spirit you’ll enjoy spending time with even when the business is handled. I can’t say enough about Elizabeth the professional, or the person.

Reina Carbetta

Executive Producer of “The Daily Buzz“

Elizabeth Neff personifies a true public relations professional. She represented singer Debbie Gibson in a marketing and media campaign for Children International. Her knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the campaign was well-rounded and performed correctly was refreshing. Her personal touch and concern for her client as well as our organization were admirable. Her willingness to make her client accessible in new media channels was excellent. Any client or organization in search of a public relations professional need not look any further for a better strategic thinker.

Dolores Kitchin

Children International

Dealing with Elizabeth Neff & Buzz Entertainment was an absolute joy. In my industry you can cold canvas for interviews and never get a reply, even when the intention is helping someone promote a product. Elizabeth was professional and helped me with all facets of my interview with Debbie, as it had a few elements to it. I hope to have the pleasure of working with Elizabeth again and all though an ocean divides us, I think of her as a great colleague overseas.

Paul Turner

The Reel Thing (Melbourne, Australia)

Worked a couple of Rock tours with Elizabeth she was way on top of the travel needed to make her client available for concerts and press. Sharp.

Gene Vano

Owner at Showtime Travel

Elizabeth facilitated a connection for me with one of her clients and was a true joy to work with. She is very good at what she does and yet at the same time is able to have fun with it, which is a great trait to have. It is the entertainment business after all.

Dave Parsons

Field Marketing Manager at Donato’s

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with. She gave us a lot of flexibility with this feature (on Debbie Gibson) and made sure we did our fact checking thoroughly. We were very impressed with Elizabeth’s professionalism and can confidently recommend her should someone need representation and the like.

Scott Smith

Everybody Loves Sammy

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